Welcome to the Old Code Crafting Hall

Hail and Well Met, Traveler!

Welcome to the Old Code Crafting Hall Website for Elder Scrolls Online.  We invite you to meander through the current parchments and scrolls to get a better feel about our guild.  Currently, on their Officer Council you will find:  Galerane, Master Crafter; Garnetrising, Lead Crafter; and Nagashi, Lead Gatherer.  

These are people you can contact should you have any questions in-game.  Please note, we are a new guild and are working towards growing to gain a trader.  The guild enjoys interacting with members and does not tolerate drama.  We all have real-world lives, mores the pity, and understand there are times when real life intervenes, perish the thought.


We are currently recruiting for all classes and welcome all playing levels and styles.  Please fill out the necessary application to apply to the guild on the North American server, and someone will contact you within a 48 hour timeframe.  Once accepted to the guild, your application here will be accepted and you will can register on our Discord Channel, the information is on the guild MOTD in-game.

Placing Orders

The Old Code Crafters are now accepting orders in-game.  If you have the mats, the price is much lower than if the crafter has to supply the mats.  Please contact the crafters listed below to place an order:    

@Revelation 343 - Medium Armor
@Galerane - Food, Drink, Potions

More Help

Should you have more questions regarding our guild or this site, please feel free to email @Galerane in game.

Again, thank you for visiting us, please, have a pint on your way out!

-The Old Code Crafting Council 


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em